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For the last 10 years I have relied on a home-brewed slingshot for hanging antennas. It's nothing more than a Marksman slingshot with a cheap fishing reel attached with hose clamps. The fishing line is attached to a one ounce lead sinker and then shot over the desired branch. This is an ideal description of how the slingshot launcher is supposed to work. However, several problems arise during actual use. First, the sinker seldom goes where it's aimed. If it hits a tree trunk or branch and reflects, anything in the vicinity (cars, campers, people, etc.) is then susceptible to bombardment from above. Obviously, this can be very dangerous. Second, the sinker hits the target but continues on to become entangled in other branches. The solution is to cut the line and tie on another sinker. Third, my slingshot launcher canít get the line higher than 50-60 feet so a lower elevation is used. However, the art of hanging antennas has reached a new level. Thanks to Alan Biocca, WB6ZQZ, I am now the proud owner of a pneumatic antenna launcher called the CSV19.