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The Vocal Keyer is a stand-alone voice keyer for your radio. It can be built with two 16-second or four 10-second recordable messages. The keyer uses the radio microphone and includes a built-in audio amplifier and speaker, message pushbuttons, play/record switch with LED, transmit On/Off switch, transformer isolated audio output with level control, automatic PTT switching, 2-25 second delay repeat for message-1, and is suitable for any radio with appropriate RJ-45 adapter cables.

Modifications to the keyer have been added to address speaker volume and PTT issues (See Mods Schematic). New gain adjusting components for higher speaker volume are R20 (0 to 1.2K ohms) and C23, or change R7 & R8 from 47K to 10K ohms. New PTT component is R21 (56K). A builders Group has been formed to discuss construction and operational issues.

The PC board file is in
ExpressPCB format. You are invited to place your own ExpressPCB order but be advised that small quantities are expensive.

I have been working with Idiom Press to get this project kitted. Enhancements include 2 or 4 messages, modular or circular mic connector, and mic jumper wiring. Look for the debut of the
LogiTALKER at the 2010 Dayton Hamvention (May 14-16).