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After participating in my first VHF Contest I decided to add some small VHF/UHF antennas to my portable station. L.B. Cebik's (W4RNL) excellent series of articles on OWA Yagis enabled me to model the antennas using my choice of element diameters. These optimized wide-band antennas offer up to 16 dBi gain and 30 dB F/B ratio when mounted at 20 feet over average ground (10.2 dBi free space gain). A unique method of fastening and isolating the elements to the boom is detailed and presented to the builder. The recent addition of an Elecraft XV222 transverter and homebrew Yagi completes my coverage up to 70cm. For contests, I mount a 6m Moxon, 2m, 1.25m, and 70cm 6-EL OWA Yagis on one rotator driven mast. Future plans are to construct the 6m version to replace the 6m Moxon.